About Us

eDevice is the leading provider of global IoT connectivity solutions.

For twenty years, market leaders have relied on eDevice to provide end-to-end solutions that securely transmit critical data between their devices and their systems. Beyond M2M/IoT technology, eDevice is a recognized expert on two major vertical markets: PSTN Switch-off migration and Connected Health.

As an IoT connectivity specialist, eDevice connects hundreds of thousands of equipment in 150 countries for companies operating in highly regulated industries: Healthcare, Payment Systems, Energy, Environment, Security, Transports, Voting Systems, and more.

The company offers all the necessary components for the deployment of global IoT solutions, including network gateways, worldwide cellular services, secure and interoperable cloud infrastructure, traffic management portals, as well as Medical Portal for Remote Patient Monitoring programs.

Dedicated to quality, eDevice’s solutions are designed according to ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 and include FDA listed devices.

ISO 13485 ISO 9001

Through partnerships with technology leaders, the company brings innovative and reliable IoT connectivity solutions and currently connects more than 1 million devices, including 500,000 medical equipment across the globe.

eDevice Team

Olivier Giraud

Christophe Charondière

Sullivan Ferrari

Stéphane Gomes

Sophie Buganza

Pierre-Michel Simon

Guillaume Lavigne

Bastien Poisson