Telecardiology Solution

TwoCan Pulse™ is a certified telecardiology monitoring system.

With cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly cloud-based web interface, TwoCan Pulse™ presents healthcare providers and patients with an efficient solution for remote monitoring of patients with chronic heart conditions.

Who is TwoCan Pulse for?

TwoCan Pulse™ was created for patients with heart failure who have experienced:

Patient suffering from CHF with NT-ProBNP > 1000 of/ml

How does TwoCan Pulse work?

The TwoCan PulseTM system is made up of three components: a communicator, an oximeter and balance, and a web interface with a personalized support program.

TwoCan Pulse Communicator in black with knobs and LEDs

The communicator component allows the patient to contact their cardiologist with the press of a button. It also notifies patients with a signal when daily measurements are out of the ideal range.

Oximeter and Balance

The oximeter and balance components take daily measurements of the patient’s heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and weight.

Web Interface

The web interface component allows efficient patient-provider contact and monitoring of chronic heart conditions over time.

Why TwoCan Pulse?

For Patients

TwoCan Pulse™ is an innovative system that allows patients to gain control over their own care while also maintaining consistent support from their provider.

For Providers

TwoCan Pulse™ grants providers a simple, remote option for patient care. Using its highly accurate algorithm, TwoCan Pulse™ utilizes data on the patient’s heart rate (HR), blood oxygen saturation, and weight to notify the provider when these measured parameters are out of the ideal, healthy range.

Frequently Asked Questions

TwoCan Pulse is a certified telecardiology monitoring system that includes a physical device and a user-friendly cloud-based interface.

TwoCan Pulse was created for heart failure patients who have experienced ​​CHF with NT-ProBNP > 1000 of/ml. Speak to your healthcare provider if you’re not sure whether this device is right for you.

The TwoCan Pulse web interface is designed for physicians and isn’t available for patient use.

Ask your physician to see if you’re eligible for TwoCan Pulse.

If you are a patient having technical trouble with your device, you should contact your healthcare provider for support.