Medical Portal

Medical Portal for Remote Patient Monitoring

HealthGO Live is a next-generation telehealth application that allows physicians and other healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patients. HealthGO Live portal is a true secure dashboard where medical staff can monitor the vital signs and general state of their patients, view alerts, and analyze the data they collected.

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Care organizations can easily create new cohorts of patients and assigned them to a team of specialists or nurses for supervision with triage capability.

Configurable authentication policy can restrict the portal access with a two-factor authentication process to comply with privacy regulations. Patient’s data is protected and can only be viewed by authorized caregivers. It is also possible to anonymize patient data during clinical trials.

The consent verification feature allows caregivers to verify patient’s approval before inserting a new patient in the system. Once consent verified, it is possible for the caregiver to associate the patient to a system to be used at home like HealthGO telehealth hub.

This cloud-based application provides clinicians with the required features for secure and accurate patient monitoring as part of a continuum of care environment.

Key Features

Healthcare Data Review

Physicians have direct access to up to date information about their patients and health record history in the form of graphical charts and downloadable PDF tables.

Detailed Usage Data

Non-healthcare data related to the usage of the HealthGO hub solution is available for non-healthcare personnel, such as hospital executives and administration staf

Clinical Trials Ready

Access to usage-only data and fully anonymized medical information makes the HealthGO Live application a perfect tool for clinical trials validation

Role-Based Administration

Multi-level administration management allows to assign different user types with different roles and access rights: care organizations, physicians, technical support, clinical trials and more.

Patient Cohorts Management

Teams of Physicians can create cohorts of patient in order to separate and better manage different types of patients based on medical conditions, clinical trials, etc.

Responsive Design

For on-the-go access on tablets and smartphones