Remote Patient Monitoring

Home Health Hub for Remote Patient Monitoring

HealthGO is an award-winning medical hub providing the simplest way to acquire, monitor and transmit medical data to the Cloud for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) applications, thus enabling Healthcare professionals to efficiently manage chronically ill and episodic care patients.

The HealthGO hub is compatible with the latest Bluetooth standards, including BLE, allowing an easy and secure pairing / un-pairing process with medical peripherals and a flexible way to acquire health measurements including Blood Pressure, SpO2, weight, glucose, and more.

As an end-to-end solution, HealthGO is provided with a SIM card allowing global cellular coverage, and leveraging eDevice’s expertise in mobile technologies for the Healthcare industry. Our cellular services package includes access to multiple networks, international roaming agreements, centralized billing, a secure and interoperable
network infrastructure and the latest eDevice innovations like CASAAS, a patented system for cellular connection optimization.

All medical data collected by the HealthGO hub are directly transmitted to eDevice’s oneM2M compliant servers. Data can then be processed by a 3rd party or sent to the HealthGO Live medical portal.

Key Features

It is an innovative, customizable and reliable solution designed for Healthcare companies and Healthcare providers seeking to quickly deploy end-to-end RPM solutions.

In 2017, Frost & Sullivan recognized HealthGO a new standard in home health monitoring, awarding eDevice with the North American and European Frost & Sullivan Award for Enabling Technology Leadership.

Easy Vital Signs Monitoring

Simple pairing process with wireless medical sensors allowing an effortless collection of vital signs: BP, SpO2, weight, glucose, and more.

Global Connectivity

Bundled with eDevice’s worldwide cellular services, HealthGO provides users with unrivalled connectivity designed for the Healthcare industry.

Cloud-based System

Automatically forwards data to secure servers and allows remote configuration & software updates if required.

Secure Data Transmission

As a dedicated medical device, HealthGO uses a secure Internet connection for transmitting encrypted health data to preconfigured medical systems only.

Technical Specifications

Networks & Connectivity
  • Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR, BLE
  • Bluetooth HDP, SPP, GATT profiles supported for medical sensors
  • Bluetooth PAN profile supported for communication with tablet
  • Optional USB connector for legacy USB sensors
  • 2G/3G/4G Cellular Connectivity
  • Secure Connectivity Protocols to the Cloud
  • Clock synchronization via Cloud
  • OneM2M-compliant Data Sharing
Quality & Certifications
  • Telecom Certifications: FCC, IC, CE, others upon request
  • Medical Certification: designed for FDA Class I (MDDS) and Class II listings
  • Design & Manufacturing Standards: CE 60601, ISO 9001, ISO 13485
  • Complies with HIPAA regulations & requirements
  • Designed to CE Medical Standards (Class I)
  • Continua Support

Frequently Asked Questions

RPM is a form of healthcare that uses cutting-edge technology to remotely gather patient medical data and transmit it to healthcare providers.

RPM saw a notable increase of attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, and continues to provide many benefits to both patients and providers, such as:

  • Improves ease of access to healthcare
  • Reduces patient’s expenses
  • Increases data-driven decision making
  • Reduces spread of infectious diseases
  • Improves patient-provider relationship

HealthGO is a healthcare hub that can gather and transmit medical data, allow healthcare providers to remotely monitor their patients. The Health  GO hub is compatible with the latest bluetooth standards and can easily pair to several medical peripherals.

HealthGO was created to help providers support any patients deemed eligible for remote patient monitoring.

HealthGO Live is an online telehealth portal that allows patients to remotely share their medical data with their healthcare providers.

The HealthGO web interface is designed for physicians and isn’t available for patient use.

Our HealthGO technology is HIPPA compliant.

If you are a patient having technical trouble with your device, you should contact your healthcare provider for support.