A Guide to Our Home Health
Monitoring Solutions

In recent years, remote patient monitoring has revolutionized health care. Given the growing convenience of being able to work, shop and complete other daily activities from home, remote patient monitoring makes it easier for patients and providers to seamlessly fit health monitoring into their schedules when suffering from acute and chronic conditions.

Recognized as a “Top 10 Remote Patient Monitoring Provider for 2022,” eDevice is a premier choice for innovative home health devices. Between HealthGO and TwoCan PulseTM, eDevice’s products provide an easy way to make home care easy.


HealthGO is an award-winning home health hub that connects to designated peripherals and allows patients to send various measurements to their provider over the Cloud. Compatible with peripherals from multiple prominent medical companies, HealthGO allows patients to measure Blood Pressure, SpO2, weight, glucose, and more. HealthGO makes it easy to monitor acute and chronic conditions.

Once taken, all health measurements are sent through the Cloud to the secure HealthGO Live portal where physicians can view the data. Additionally, the HealthGO technology is HIPPA compliant and servers are M2M compliant.

TwoCan Pulse™

A trusted telecardiology device, TwoCan Pulse™ is a cutting-edge remote patient monitoring device designed for chronic heart conditions. Specifically, TwoCan Pulse is targeted towards patients suffering from CHF with NT-ProBNP>1000 of/ml.

Composed of three components: a communicator, an oximeter and balance, and a web interface with a personalized support program, TwoCan Pulse™ allows providers to remotely monitor their patients with ease. Like HealthGO, TwoCan Pulse™ connects to designated peripherals that permit patients to measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, weight, and more.
All health measurements are sent to a secure online portal for providers to view. Further, the patients are alerted with a sound and signal when measurements are outside of the desired range.

HealthGO and TwoCan Pulse™ are cutting-edge home health devices that simplify patient monitoring for physicians. To learn more visit our HealthGO page and our TwoCan Pulse™ page, or contact us. eDevice is here for all of your remote monitoring devices.