eDevice Reveals the 3G Version of WireX and a Brand New Website Dedicated to its Most Successful Product

Meet WireX, the global 3G solution for replacing PSTN-based equipment

Bordeaux, France – March 3rd, 2014 – It’s a fact: the standard telephone network (PSTN) is rapidly declining and will affect millions of people in the next few years. The FCC is actively planning the PSTN sunset, which will start as early as 2015. Four years ago eDevice identified the need for a technology solution and created WireX, the world’s first PSTN-to-Cellular converter.

Today, we are proud to launch the 3G version of this widely used, internationally deployed solution already connecting tens of thousands devices worldwide. Learn more about this technology by clicking here and visit the WireX website. This new dedicated website provides you with in-depth information about our product, including technical details,, but also a video presentation, a key-features showcase & more.

WireX is available worldwide and is provided with eDevice’s cellular network provision and SLP, our mobiles devices’ management portal.