With 100,000 connected patients and 50% growth in 2012, eDevice affirms its position as the medical devices connectivity leader

Through innovation, eDevice has become the leading provider of connectivity solutions for medical device companies, now connecting one hundred thousand devices across the globe.

Bordeaux – France, May 2nd 2013 – A few years ago, it was considered a risky bet for an M2M (Machine-to-Machine) telecommunication company to heavily invest in new technology for the emerging Telehealth market. But with the combination of an aging population, an increasing number of chronically-ill patients, and a global need for improving the efficiency of national health systems, eHealth increasingly became one of the most promising markets for technology companies. With 50% growth in its global revenue for 2012, eDevice does not regret the decision to take this route as they complete their 6th consecutive year of growth and profitability.

Starting in 2000 as an end-to-end M2M solutions provider, eDevice obtained its first RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) client in 2002 and specialized in eHealth after 2008, creating a global connectivity solution for Telemedicine companies.

As a pioneer in medical device connectivity, eDevice is the chosen partner of some of the most admired companies, including worldwide leaders in RPM, pacemaker and defibrillator monitoring, remote glucose monitoring, and chronic disease management.

In its “mHealth & Home Monitoring” study of 2013, Berg Insight identifies eDevice as the only MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) specialized in the healthcare industry and further positions eDevice as a major player of the Remote Patient Monitoring platform market for the future.

Michael Freudmann, Vice-President Sales of eDevice, speaks about the specialization of his company: “At eDevice, we believe in specialization. It makes no sense when a company offers connectivity solutions and services for truck tracking, utility metering, industrial M2M, alarm systems, and then also for pacemaker monitoring. Healthcare is a market by itself that requires a very specific know-how and skill set”.

eDevice attributes its success to its complete offer for medical device companies, which allows them to focus on their own product and service strategy. With modems and network gateways, wireless and fixed lines services, and remote device management services, eDevice solutions have now been adopted worldwide.

“According to all the market surveys, the Medical Device Connectivity market is promised to generate phenomenal growth in the next decade. We see new entrants, but it will take years before they can handle the stringent requirements of mHealth”, said eDevice CEO Marc Berrebi.

Throughout the next 5 years, eDevice anticipates 30%+ annual growth of its global revenue.